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Can Your Engineer Pass This 10 Question Test?

So you are looking for an engineering company to handle your next project.  It’s not an easy task selecting a land surveyor or civil engineer to assist you.  From the outside, we can all look alike.  How much will my project cost often becomes the leading and sometimes singular question in the process.

To help you wade through the search, we have assembled the following ten questions that you can ask your perspective (or current) consultant.  Their answers may surprise you and perhaps enlighten you, making the decision an easier one to make.

1. How many years has your firm been in business practicing civil engineering design and permitting?

2. What is your reputation in the community with both clients and public agencies reviewing your work?

3. Can your company provide all the services that I will need to complete my project, including in-house land surveying, civil and environmental design, landscape design, permitting, and construction services?

4. Does your firm employ a staff with the size and capability to insure that my project is done efficiently and professionally?

5. Are your engineers and land surveyors licensed professionals with the current certifications to perform the work proposed?

6. Will I be assigned a Senior Project Manager responsible for my project, as my point of contact?

7. What techniques do you use to keep my project on budget and on schedule?

8. If requested, can I be represented at a public meeting or hearing by a senior member of your staff?

9. In addition to standard liability insurance, does your firm carry professional liability errors and omissions insurance of at least one million dollars?

10. Does your firm provide initial consultations and detailed proposals at no cost or obligation?

If your consultant can answer yes to all ten questions to your satisfaction, you are off to a good start.

Still uncertain…we hope you will give us a call at 781-826-9200 or contact us online.


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