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Coastal Surveying- Don’t get in over your head!

The Quality of any site planning or engineering design project begins with an accurate Existing Conditions Plan which requires a well executed and complete field survey of the project area.  Coastal surveying, done in conjunction with erosion studies, or the design and construction of coastal structures can create some interesting challenges for a survey crew.

The acquisition of all the survey points needed to do the job right can require aggressive action, especially on the coast, when working with the tides.  Photo 1 was taken a few weeks ago off the coast of Scituate, MA.  Water temperature was a cool 50 degrees.  Mike Count, our Hydrographic Surveyor  is seen here braving the elements for that “must have” shot.  Photo 2 was taken in Framingham in the Sudbury River, for a survey needed to design a sewer crossing.  Surveyor Vinny Carey was the “lucky” guy to wade into the river.

Blog Pic Coastal Surveing                concord st river 001
Its that extra effort that separates the Merrill Survey Team from the pack.  Experience, know-how and the desire to do the job right.  Please consider us for your next project.  We offer a no cost or obligation initial meeting to discuss your project.


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