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Site Assessments and Feasibility Studies from Merrill Corporation

Site assessments are useful analysis tools for clients contemplating a land purchase or sale. Financial institutions also request this service to help determine the value of property for funding or resale.

A Wealth of Information Quickly

Site assessments from Merrill Corporation provide clients with a wealth of information quickly — and at a modest cost. First, we collect, assemble, and evaluate online site-specific data. The data is then verified by researching local municipal records and performing an onsite inspection. Finally, we review jurisdictional regulations which affect the permitting process.

Determine Optimum Site Yield

Feasibility studies are often performed in conjunction with site assessments. A feasibility study is used to determine optimum site yield for a specific use (or uses) allowed by zoning.

See the Future

Merrill Corp. can use your site assessment and feasibility study to develop single or multiple site concept sketches that comply with applicable regulations.