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Site Design and Planning Services from Merrill Corporation

At the core of every Merrill Corporation project is a talented civil site design team that knows how to get things done and exceed client expectations.

Quality, High-Yield Site Designs

Our commercial, industrial, municipal, residential, and utility clients trust Merrill Corporation to create quality, high-yield site designs that comply with jurisdictional regulations.

Easier, Efficient Permitting

We’re also proud of our reputation for guiding clients through a permitting process that grows more challenging each year. Because when it comes to navigating the permitting process, time really is money.

At Merrill, we streamline the permitting process by preparing thoughtful applications, submitting comprehensive and complete data, providing informed responses to peer review professionals, and representing clients at public hearings and Q&A sessions.

All of which means that Merrill Corporation’s clients proceed from site planning and design to construction as quickly, easily, and efficiently as possible.

Typical Civil Site Design and Planning Services

  • Site plan design and permitting – commercial, residential and industrial
  • Subdivisions – preliminary, definitive, ANR plans
  • Topographic evaluation and site grading design
  • Stormwater management and drainage design
  • Hydrology and hydrogeologic studies
  • Sanitary wastewater collection, treatment and disposal systems
  • Water supply and distribution systems
  • Soils evaluation and percolation testing
  • Parking facilities design
  • Condominium plans
  • Contract specifications
  • Quantity and cost estimates
  • Title V septic repair design
  • Licensed Title V soils evaluations
  • Nitrate and phosphate loading studies
  • Drive-thru facilities
  • Service station and convenience store layouts
  • Fuel systems design for service stations and industrial facilities
  • Permit application, preparation and filing
  • Wetland delineation
  • State and federal wetlands permitting
  • Public hearing presentation and representation